Writing a reference for somebody is always a bit of a double edge sword and no more so when I consider the work that Ben has undertaken for us at Lyle & Scott.

Having experienced a veritable array of employment layers in my career, I can safely say that Ben stands out head and shoulders above anything that even the largest Blue Chip companies can throw at you.

The double edge nature of the sword is that I probably do not want too many people to really know how good he is just in case he runs out of time to support us!

Ben is pragmatic, as CEO for Lyle & Scott, I want to know that we can take appropriate risk and that we can be fast and efficient about the decisions that we make with regard to employment law. I do not want run of the mill answers or beige non-committal responses, I want an employment lawyer who can help me to run my organisation effectively and someone who is an enabler not a “compute says no” peddler.

Ben is also strong, a strange comment, but as someone who is headstrong I want done what I want done. Ben is capable of stopping me in my tracks and encouraging me to think around the risk and helping me to find a great, efficient solution to the problem that I have.

Ben can cope with the complex, the simple and he hugely flexes his style to accommodate the time pressures that we have as a business – if I need a quick response he can give me the 5 minute “taster” conversation that helps me to rapidly assess my options, if I want to chew the cud he gives me the time and a wider context to help me feel supported and able to make a great decision.

I hugely rate Ben due to his knowledge, but he is invaluable to our business because of the “human” way he is able to bring law to life in my simple and straight forward mind!

Philip Oldham – Chief Executive Officer, Lyle and Scott Ltd

Ben Thornber is a professional and competent employment lawyer. Having worked with Ben for only 3 months, he has quickly gained a grasp of how we work and what our business needs are.

Our work with Ben was aimed to reduce risk of any nature within the employment law scope. What I have appreciated most is Ben's ability to cut through the predictable politics of this area.

Keeping everyone right whilst delivering the expected result at the same time.

Emma Niven, Managing Director, Loch Leven's Larder

Log Cabins Scotland
Dear Ben. We were so glad we were given your contact details from a college we know. You were highly recommended to us, with regards to our re-draft of our Contract of Employment and Handbook. From the start to the finish you were very helpful, friendly, efficient and professional. We will not hesitate in recommending Thornber HR Law to anyone. Thanks once again for a first class job.

Wendy Turnbull, Log Cabins Secretary

I instructed Ben Thornber in relation to an employment tribunal claim in Scotland. Ben was a terrific help throughout the whole process, from our opening discussion on how to handle the matter, through to a successful conclusion via mediation. Ben was at all times pragmatic and focussed and was a joy to work with. His advice was clear, without using jargon, and everyone involved felt supported and reassured by his engaging manner and obvious knowledge and expertise.

Helen Driscoll, Solicitor, Waterlinks Investments Ltd

Managed IT Experts
Ben, many thanks for all your help with our employment contract review. For a change it was really good dealing with a real expert who knows exactly what he is talking about. You responded quickly and gave clear practical advice. I will not hesitate in recommending you to all of my contacts.

David Shuster, Managing Director, Managed IT Experts

Ben is very approachable, direct and to the point. He makes it his business to keep in touch, even in the evenings and at weekends, to ensure all timetables are strictly adhered to, by you - employment law and procedures being a minefield to those usually unaffected by them. A first rate guide through what could otherwise rapidly develop into a huge problem. You know where you are with Ben....I would not hesitate to recommend him.

Simon Gordon, Manager, Orkney Alcohol Counselling & Advisory Service

We recently asked Ben Thornber to assist us with a delicate employment matter with in our company. From the first conversation with Ben I felt confident that he was the man to assist us in our situation. He has a great manner and is one of the most approachable solicitors I have met. He is very helpful and supportive as a person and highly efficient in his delivery of the agreed plan of action. It’s refreshing to meet a solicitor who is willing to assist you as and when required out with office hours and a resolution was achieved with the minimum of upset to all concerned. I am delighted to recommend Ben to anyone.

Chris Whyte Accountant Collier Quarrying and Recycling Ltd

AMC Removals UK arranged for Ben Thornber to review all their employment contracts. The service provided by Ben was exceptional from the initial meeting to completion. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending and using Ben Thornber Employment Law. Alexander Cruickshank Director, AMC Removals

Alexander Cruickshank Director, AMC Removals

Printing Services Scotland
I am writing to thank you for the service you have provided to my company with regard to contracts. Our original Contract of Employment was originated in the 1980's and with so much legislation over the years sadly out of date and probably a costly disaster waiting to happen had it been legally tested. With little fuss you produced for us an up to date bespoke Contract of Employment fit for purpose and at extremely economical cost. Further, we were experiencing difficulties with the authorities due to a part time employee who also received sales commission on a self employed basis on a 1980's Agents Contract. You were able to produce an up to date Agents Contract covering all the relevant issues and thereby helped us enormously in concluding the situation. Again, the cost was very reasonable. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Thornber Employment Law Ltd and always happy to speak personally to any who may wish to follow up this testimonial.

Ian Chisnall, Managing Director, Printing Services Scotland

As an owner of a small business I have found the services provided by Thornber HR Law to be a perfect fit for my requirements.

From advice on taking on new staff to reviewing employment contracts and procedures, I've found the service to be excellent.

Ben is very approachable and quick to come back with solutions and recommendations to all HR issues I've raised.

Will Richardson, Director, RDI Associates Ltd

The advice we receive from Thornber HR Law is straight forward, legally sound and commercially viable. Ben Thornber my main contact is always available and very easy to understand and communicate with.

We have used Thornber HR Law on a variety of matters for the last 3 years. We are always appreciative of the quality advice and assistance, that Ben and the team provide..

Tommy Brodie, Senior Agent NFU Mutual Insurance lnverurie

I write to thank you for the employment law and HR support you have provided to us. We came to you initially on a TUPE matter, and you told us exactly what we needed to do without overcomplicating matters as well as preparing all the relevant correspondence. Since then we have used your services on a retainer basis, which means that I can call or email you about any matter safe in the knowledge that the cost is all budgeted for. Amongst other matters, you have provided me with common sense guidance on tricky redundancy and performance issues, which were resolved satisfactorily to the benefit of the business. Your input on our employment documentation has been especially helpful, ensuring that our contracts and policies are shorter and more user-friendly, whilst still being robust and up-to-date. And as we are a growing organisation in a fast moving environment, at times we need to move swiftly requiring support or advice from Thornber HR Law. On every occasion we have received prompt support and with clear practical advice. I have every confidence that Thornber HR Law is the right choice to support our business.

Stuart Winterburn, Managing Director, Dynamic Edge Solutions

I met Ben through a networking event that I attend and at the time we didn’t feel we needed his services. Through getting to know Ben better it was clear to see that he was a consummate professional, knew the HR side of the business as well as the technical side of employment law which is very rare.
After a very short period of time, we decided that Ben was the right fit for our business and employed his services to look after us. Ben has simplified a number of things on our HR side and ultimately been there when we’ve had to call on him. Again, having his wealth of experience is invaluable and it’s great to be able to turn to Ben for sometimes the simplest of queries but knowing that he will be with you all the way should you need to progress further.
I would highly recommend Ben and Thornber HR Law as a company for businesses both large and small. Having a single point of contact with the full spectrum of knowledge is a very valuable addition to your team and their services are excellent value for money..

Neil Alexander, Director, Eclipse-IP

The service that you gave was timely, needed and most importantly ensured piece of mind for myself, knowing that contractually I was not open to any legislation by disgruntled employees who were trying hard to disrupt the working ethic of the company.

It was not just the once, but by having a retained service from yourself, I have called upon and used your expertise on many occasions, knowing that the information I ask for is efficiently passed onto myself.

It is a great sense of assurance knowing that your skills can be called upon whenever they are needed. Necessary for myself and no doubt other employers as well.

John Somerville, JM Services

Having taken on more staff, I realised I needed help and support to get my business affairs in order. Ben offered a very clear and precise way of doing that, explaining things on my level. He sat me down and went through every possibility with me. He made sure my business and I were protected with every outcome.

It was a great pressure lifted off my shoulders after dealing with Ben and I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Thanks again Ben.

Johnny Bisset, JDB Decor & Property Services

In line with the new GDPR rules which are set to take effect next month and following a 1-2-1 with you, I decided to use your professional HR services to overhaul our current Employment Contracts.

In only a period of 3 weeks Ben was able to go from initial consultation to producing renewed rewrites of Employment contracts, an updated Induction Manual, and Staff Handbook.

I feel confident that our HR policies have now been strengthened and made compliant with current legislation at a very reasonable professional charge for his services.

I would have no hesitation in recommending you to any size of organisation who are serious in making their employment law policies sound.

Alan Aim, Director