Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) Lawyers, Advice and Legal Representation

Almost 200,000 are employed in the care sector in Scotland, which is regulated by the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC). All care workers must register with the SSSC and must comply with the SSSC Code of Practice.

The SSSC has wide ranging powers, for example the power to carry out their own investigations of any complaints made by service-users or other members of staff. Following an investigation, the SSSC can prevent employees from being able to work in the sector, either for a limited time or indefinitely. It can also require that employees are supervised, or prevented from carrying out certain jobs, while an investigation is ongoing.

Investigations – and suspensions from work – can take many months. The rulings are published online, so any future potential employer will be able to carry out checks.

Anyone who is asked to attend a meeting before a SSSC Committee has the right to be accompanied by solicitor of their choosing. The solicitor can put forward evidence and make legal submissions to the decision-making committees which decide whether any restrictions including interim suspensions should be imposed. Funding from legal aid is not available for hearings, but some home insurance policies provide cover for solicitors’ fees for employment disputes.

Although there is a right of appeal against SSSC decisions to the Sheriff Court, in practice there are very few grounds on which to challenge decisions.

You may be involved with a SSSC hearing, for example because:

  • one of your employees has been referred to the SSSC for investigation,
  • a complaint has been made against you and you have been invited to a hearing with the SSSC,
  • a fellow care worker is being investigated and you have been asked to provide written comments or a statement.

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