Disciplinary & Grievance Issues

In most well run businesses, disciplinary or grievance issues are the exception.  However, when they do come along, you need to know how to deal with them correctly and fairly.  Not only will this ensure employers minimise the risk of things going wrong, but it can also help you to get staff to uphold acceptable standards of conduct, behaviour and performance.

Procedures and Process

If you are an employer, having an established framework for dealing with disciplinary matters ensures that you can deal with these issues quickly and with minimum disruption to the business.

Following the correct disciplinary and grievance procedures not only ensures that employment laws are complied with, but also allows you to gain valuable insight from the experience.  Both you and your employee can learn lessons.

Whilst the law does not dictate a specific framework for dealing with disciplinary or grievance matters, it does require that an employer must follow its own procedures consistently. Moreover, any sanctions resulting from the disciplinary procedures, such as warnings or even dismissal, must be fair and reasonable.

The disciplinary and grievance procedures provide an opportunity for employers to establish a set of transparent rules about behaviour in the workforce and how they will deal with complaints. On disciplinary issues, the disciplinary policy and procedure ensures that employees understand what amounts to unacceptable conduct and what the consequences are likely to be . With regards to grievance issues, the grievance policy and procedure provides employees with a clear framework of how the employer will deal with their complaint.

In addition to their own disciplinary and grievance procedures, employers must comply with the ACAS Code of Practice on Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures. If an employer does not follow the ACAS Code of Practice, and an employee makes a claim at an employment tribunal, the compensation awarded to them can be increased by up to 25%.  As an expert employment lawyer, Ben Thornber can help you get the right rules and procedures in place for your business to ensure they comply with the ACAS Code.

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