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Uber and Out

“Uber and Out” “Gig Economy” – Self employed or worker? With minds focussed on getting through home-schooling, vaccines and the long-hoped-for holiday, it would have been easy to miss the BIG NEWS in the employment law world. Uber drivers have – definitively – been deemed workers and not self-employed. After several years going through the […]

Did Someone Say New Employment Law?

Did Someone Say New Employment Law? Deafened by the Brexit gale, you could be forgiven for failing to notice that there have been some announcements dealing with employment law matters. Just before Christmas 2018, the Government published its ‘Good Work Plan’, based on the previous Taylor Good Work Report, and then tabled three sets of […]

Life Outside of Brexit?

Life Outside of Brexit? Reintroduction of employment tribunal fees Brexit, Brexit, Brexit… that’s all one hears these days.  What with negotiations on the transition deal with the EU, and now the precarious vote in Parliament, virtually all other government business has seized up.  The world of employment law is no exception, with precious little of […]

Who Do You Want to Train With?

Who Do You Want to Train With? Training repayment and tie-in Training opportunities are great – but watch draconian repayment clauses and long tie-in periods. No matter at what stage in your career, the training offered by your employer matters. It can keep you up to date on new developments and techniques, or it can […]

Online or Face-to-Face Training?

Online or face-to-face training? When you want your employees to learn about something new, you usually have two options available to you. You can either enrol them on an online course or use an external training provider for face to face training. What are the advantages and disadvantages of these? Online advantages: • Employees can […]