Agency, Fixed Term, Seasonal and Atypical Working

Part-time, fixed term, agency, seasonal – there are a growing number of workers who do not fit the standard employee model.  Make sure that you deal with them appropriately.

Legal Rights of Atypical Workers in the Workplace

The term “atypical worker” covers temporary workers, contract workers, agency workers, seasonal workers, term time workers, casual workers, sessional workers etc. All of these workers have certain employment rights that employers need to be aware of.

These rights include:

  • Rights to paid annual leave
  • Rights to breaks
  • Limits on working time
  • Right to be paid National Minimum Wage
  • Right not to have any unlawful deductions from their wages
  • Protection from discrimination under the Equality Act 2010
  • Rights in relation to health and safety at work.

Our specialist employment lawyer, Ben Thornber, can give advice and assistance on the rights of each type of worker to ensure that you are complying with the law to avoid liability.

Agency Worker Regulations

Employers should also be familiar with The Agency Workers Regulations. These regulations give agency workers similar rights  to comparable  employees of the business after having completed a 12 week qualifying period.  These rights include the same pay, holiday pay and most benefits (though not sick pay).

The regulations apply to workers who are supplied to businesses by a temporary work agency and any workers supplied through intermediaries.

For help and guidance in understanding and complying with the Agency Workers Regulations contact us today.

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